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Fact or Fiction problems with the blueing of the XD pistols

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so I'm a member of a few boards and have visted a few different gun shops in my area. as a results an SA-XD sub-compact is on my list but I'm concerned about a rumour relating to the finish on the blued guns turning sorta brown and almost sorta rusting.

Is there any truth to this? Does the XD require more care then lets say my Steyr or my nitroned Sig?

Just wanted feeedback from actual owners rather than second or third hand information?
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Gather 'round young 'uns.

I'm going to tell you a story about a time when I was young and almost all guns were blue.

Sure there were some that were nickel and there were other oddball finishes but by and large just about all quality guns were blued.

Back then we didn't know any better so we wiped our blue guns down regularly with some sort of oil to keep them from rusting. We didn't have the huge choice of gun care products that are available now either. For a lot of us a can of 3 in 1 oil took care of most of our gun care needs.

But that was then and this is now. I've had my HS2000 since 2001 and I've had little specks of rust here and there, nothing I couldn't rub off with my finger. It happens - it's the natural reaction between metal and moisture.

The point is it won't hurt any firearm that is handled regularly to take a lightly oiled rag and wipe them down good once a week. I keep an old flannel rag in a in baggie that I use whenever I handle my firearms.
Just wipe off the fingerprints and the obvious dirt, you don't have to obsess about detailing your gun everytime.

Just this brief simple habit will keep your firearm rust-free forever. It takes about 2 minutes.

Sure the finish on the XD's are not as good as a fine old blued Smith and Wesson, few guns are made that way still, but they both require the same care to keep them in top shape.

It's worked for me for years and when it comes to stuff like this I'm one lazy old fart.

Now go back to watching your cell phones, or whatever it is you kids do these days. :lol:

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