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Extractor discoloration.

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Alright, I realize that the finish and the rust issues have been hashed over like crazy here and I've read most of them but I was wondering if anyone else had or has a problem with discoloration of their extractor. It is the only part of the whole weapon that isn't metal colored or black and at first I thought it was just rusty (this is fresh out of the box) so I just did my standard out of box cleaning and wiped and brushed at it and it wasn't taking it off. I am now wondering if it isn't really rust and maybe some discoloration in the metal because it it also pretty uniform over the whole part. If anybody has any recommendations, solutions or theories, I would like to hear them before I push the button and send it back to Springfield. Thanks.

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The extractor has a reddish tint that gives it a kind of purplish hue.

I've seen this on three different XD extractors.
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