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Now a very serious example of our product by one of our users.

If any of you guys think that nigh sights are serious thing.

This photo is of a "Hope bottle" our friend is a volunteer to bring hope to kids affected by cancer, she herself is a survivor and recently lost her husband to this disease. She makes this little bottles and visit and brings hope to children...nuff said.

While I present the following example with the utmost respect for her work I dare ask, if it is in your possibility, help locally however you can to bring hope as well.

Part of the heroism about this woman, she will not accept the product for free....We give her a preferential treatment, that's about how much she accepts.

To me she is an angel and a Hero, I don't know her personally.
But, if any of our children were threatened by the disease we would have that chance. It makes me think a lot...
What does it take to find an Angel?


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