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Electronic Powder Scale?

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I bought an MTM electronic scale for weighing powder charges. It's ok as far as it goes, I suppose, but has some shortcomings, including the fact that it will not register 5.0 grains (4.9 and 5.1 yes, but not 5.0) even if I use a trickler.

I've been looking for a better, yet reasonably cost-effective electronic scale. So far, the one that jumps out is the RCBS RangeMaster 750 Scale, which goes for about $95.

Any other suggestions? Cheaper *and* better would be best. :)
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Just me, but I have used the Cabela's (I think made by Lyman) the old Dillon & the new Dillon. The new Dillon has been perfect, very accurate, doesn't drift or lose zero. Yes, it's a bit pricey but if anything happens to it after a year, Dillon will replace it for half price. It's been working well for me now going on two years.
I, just bought a Dillon electronic scale at Cabela's $149.00. Easy to use and set up. Loaded 50 rounds and it never went out of calibration. Also they had an online special if you spent $150.00 you got $20.00 off not sure if it is still good. The store honored the online special but it took some talking.
I bought the Cabelas one and was throughly disappointed. It wouldn't give me a consistant reading at all and would not zero. I sent it back within a week. I bought a dillon scale off of ebay. My local shop has them for $135 or $139. It has been great. Very consistant and very accurate.
The GS 1500 electronic scale that came with the Hornady kit is working just fine for me.
I replaced my RCBS Powder Pro with its worthless "lifetime" warranty with an el-cheapo $29 Frankford Arsenal Micro Scale from Midway. I've been using the FA scale for about four months, and, so far, it performs better than the RCBS scale that it replaced.
I also use the $29-$39 FA scale from Midway....I think it's a great value!

I only reload .45 and have a Lee auto-powder measure and drop. I check the weight of the first few, a few in the middle, and the last few. If those are consistent then I have no worries about the rest.

I'd suggest it to anyone.
I use the Dillon and have been extremely pleased.
I am NOT a fan of the RCBS electronic scales. They are generally unreliable and the ones that I have used would not hold their "zero" after just a few measurements. You recalibrate it, take a few more measurements...and you have to do it all over again. I'd steer clear of the RCBS scale if I were you.

The Dillon Precision D-Terminator scale is excellent, but will run close to $150 shipped. A slightly less expensive option, but a very reliable scale, is the PACT BBK model which you should be able to find for <$100 shipped.
I use the Dillon and have been extremely pleased.
I use a scale that I got from ebay and it's right on all the time.
I have the Dillon and although I like it, I do not use it to load a lot of ammo at a time as it needs to be recalibrated frequently. It is better than the original one that was replaced by them, but you do need to keep an eye on it. I mostly use it to weigh brass and bullets. My balance beam RCBS does my "critical" loads. I use a powder drop to get them close, dump them in the scale pan and trickle to finish. All pistol loads are dropped in my Dillon 550. The only electronic scale that is as good as everyone thinks they should be are much too expensive, at least for my budget.
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