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Eezox vs. Birchwood Casey Gunscrubber (Not very scientific.)

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For a while now, I've been using Gunscrubber before Eezox, just because I figured if a product is made specifically for cleaning, it's gotta rock out an all-in-one product, right? Well, not quite...

Put about 20 more down the pipe of our .308 today, trying to get proficient enough to get a grouping so we can sell the damn thing. Or keep it if our groups get hot-sex enough. Immediately went to clean it, since I don't trust Wolf to sit in the barrel...

And, to my shock and awe...

I can't think of any explanation for this beyond Eezox being a better solvent... The wavy lines are because I scanned it on top of a sheet of plastic. This Eezox patch even squeegied out a bunch of nasty black solution that the previous patch allowed to accumulate. Oooh, ahhh...

Well, guess I can expose myself to one less nasty chemical. Eezox alone, and Eezox it shall be.
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Was that Gun Scrubber in the spray can?

I am impressed. I only use Gun Scrubber when I detail strip and clean. Usually only use the Eezox for the final wiping.
Yeah, it was.

You know you're hardcore when you scan your cleaning patches to show off to people.
If you wanna see something really cool. . . continue cleaning the gun w/ eezox until the patches come out clean. Then use some Blue Wonder gun cleaner according to the directions and prepare to be amazed at how much better the BW works for cleaning bores.

ETA: Sorry I don't mean to knock Eezox I have some and I love it, but I was amazed the first time I cleaned my XD with BW when I thought it was clean.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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