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$700 billion Economic Bail-out or Rescue?

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That is what I am beginning to think.

This is what I posted on my personal blog
So the proposed $700 billion plan is it a bail-out or rescue?
If I get into trouble and go to jail its called bail-out if my buddies come to get me its called a resuce. In my humble opinion this $700 billion dollar plan is a rescue

When your buddy’s come rushing in to save you, it is a RESCUE
. I call it like I see it. When I am in need not many would rush in, especially if I am deserving.


Maybe we should treat this more like a bail-out. Require the ones in the virtual Jail of bankruptcy to pay everything back plus 10% just like a bail bondsman. If they don’t pay us back we send Dog the Bounty Hunter.
You can see the entire post here
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