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I see that it is possible to make an XD inoperable when the guide rod is not installed properly. Aside from paying attention when assembling the pistol, is there a way to make sure the final assembly will be good to go? I have never had a failure with mine, and I am careful when re-assembling. Problem is, I typically clean the gun after a range visit and before storing (loaded) for home defense. Can I rack the slide a few times and dry fire to see if the slide is going to get stuck? This seems like a bit of paranoia on my part, but if there is a simple exercise I can to that tells me 100% that I have re-assembled everything correctly, I will include the exercise in my routine.

My second question would be: has anybody been very careful to properly seat the guide rod and still get the slide stuck?

Third: Is is possible to dislodge the guide rod and cause a jam when the slide is locked back (like after firing the last round in a mag)?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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