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I had read about Double Tap ammo on another site so I ordered a couple boxes and was quite impressed with the accuracy and power. They definately have more of a kick to them. I got a box of the 165 Gold Dot HP and also the 180grain as well, and these are what I'm going to use as my carry rounds. Here are some stats from their website which is www.doubletapammo.com

The 165gr Gold Dot @ 1200fps from a Glock 23!

1140fps 476 ft/lbs from a 3.5"bbl.

1240fps 563 ft/lbs from a 4.5"bbl.
The 180gr Gold Dot @ 1100fps from a Glock 23!

1050fps 441 ft/lbs from a 3.5"bbl.

1140fps 520 ft/lbs from a 4.5"bbl.
I would definately recommend giving them a try...anyone else have any experience with them?

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I'll be shooting a few boxes of theirs come thursday. I bought their variety pack for the 10mm. I've heard nothing but good things about mikes ammo, especially for the 10mm.

Most of it is watered down, but his is supposed to be full powered stuff.
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