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dont know what else to try for an XD-9 not extracting.

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I have been having problems with my 4" XD-9 extracting. I had a box of Winchester white box 115 grain and about every other one would not extract the brass and jam up. I have heard of using other ammo but i think it should be about to use any ammo i put in there. I heard lubing and under-lubing might help. My last resort before switching out the extractor is that i heard you can have extraction problems if you have limp wrists. Can anyone explain this to me please.
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Did you check out the post from 9mm lover about 3-4 below yours ("Common problems")...The springs have lot to do with extraction..along with how clean the gun is...if you posted this info b4 , I appoligize for not seeing it. I've got Dons rod and a#22 spring and have shot 1000's of rounds now without extraction problems. also with my EFK barrell. UI do clean my guns and lube them well after every practice.

Hope this helps

Rikoshey :twisted:
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