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As some of you know I had a slight problem with my factory guide rod. Luckily I caught mine before I had a failure similiar to some other forum members. Well with the help of everyone here and a gentle nudge from Nexd and Ajames...I ordered a Dons Guide Rod and 22# spring.

First of all I never before believed in aftermarket parts...I have always been stuck on factory OEM parts for everything I own...I wont even buy non sony controllers or memory cards for my PS2.

Well first things first it came in the mail in a lightning quick fashion from ajames. http://www.xd-hs2000.com/guiderod.html

Second I had already watched Overkills Installation video http://gamephilez.us/personal/pistolgear/Don's%20Guide%20Rod%20installation%20tutorial.wmv So installation took all of about 30 seconds.

I'm a sucker for polished stainless anyway but the quality blew me away. It felt and looked great! The black Delrin was my choice of washer. The spring weight being a tad more stout than stock feels fantastic! Recoil felt the same but it seems to me at least muzzle flip is reduced. I can honestly say that with Dons Guide Rod Installed I have 100% confidence back in my XD40!

Thank You Don! Ajames! and Nexd!

If you own an XD and don't have a Don's Guide Rod...You don't know what you're missing!
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