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Don rod guide ?

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I have been a rifle nut for 30 years. I just bought mt first handgun an XD9 and I LOVE it. can't believe I didn't do this years ago !! My question is what is a Dons rod guide and do I need one? ( now I'm new to handguns and this board, so go easy if this is a dumb question.) :?:
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Its just a pretty SS rod to replace your stock ones with. You use this rod with various spring weights. I have Don's rod with 22# wolff springs. Its a little too much for light 9mm ammo but works fine with 40S&W. You don't really need it but it helps somewhat with recoil and muzzle flip.
Don't forget that the factory rods can break and make disassembly a pain.
I use on my XD9.

I like it!!!! I feel it makes a big difference with felt recoil / muzzle flip. follow up shots are much quicker too.

I may have notice more of a difference because the stock one was getting weak. It was getting to where cci shot shells would cycle properly thru it.

I would definitely recommend Don's Guide Rod and a 22# spring on an XD9.

Just my 2 cents.........
So if you use the 22# spring it will give you less recoil? Ive kinda been wanting to change to Dons but cant decide which spring to use...18 or 22??
Now you have my intrest. If I go with a Dons rod guide and say a 22 spring will my XD9 function with +p and standard loads. How about +p+ Thanks for the info.
Get Don GR and the #22 and you can't go wrong...I assume that you have a TAC or Service and not a SUB. I don't know of any rods for the SUB but I'm sure Don would know...Great product

Rikoshey :twisted:
It's a service model ( I allready want another one either bi tone or tac )
The 22# spring would be nice for any +p or +p+ ammo. I can't say that it will save the pistol but it will save the hand.

I think the 9mm is nice shooting even with the stock recoil spring assembly, but with stout ammo it should be even more appreciated.

There is a post about the 22# having some issues with Wolf ammo, which suggests it is a light load (but it could be some limp wristing). I have no problems with the 22# and WWB, but some members report some problems.

There should be no functional problems with hot ammo and the 22# spring.
THe XDs are so great that you can shop till you drop...each one is better than the last...I spend more time with my guns than my car. :p

Rikoshey :twisted:
O.K. now you really have my attention. Don made a comment about not saveing the pistol, does this mean don't shoot +p or +p+ ammo. What is a good home defense ammo ( Were talking 9mm here )
LONGBOW338- My XD has been fed a steady diet of +p...+p+ ammo for the past year+. I have noticed no adverse effects from it. As for the guide rod I like being able to run a #22 spring.[/b]
Thanks Bama1911. My dons rod guide and #22 spring are on order.
LONGBOW338 said:
What is a good home defense ammo ( Were talking 9mm here )
Winchester Ranger 127 grain SXT +P+ is what i carry. 1300 FPS out of my XD9. I have shot a few mags worth through the XD with no problems. personally i didn't notice that much more snap than same WWB or any other 9mm load, which was a pleasant suprise. my buddy and I chronographed the Ranger, some cor-bon that I cannot remember (i need t check his noted), speer gold dot 115 and Federal hydrashock personal defense load, some 9BPLE (i had never heard of the LE ammo, but it too shot like the Ranger, but the Ranger was faster out of the XD, but the 9BPLE was faster out of his 92F ). After all of these, the Winchester Ranger performed the best in the XD and was easily manageable. so given the speed, the accuracy i could get, the reliability and the reputation the SXT had, i went with it. I carry speer gold dots in my Kahr P9.

all of that being said, it means nothing if it will not fire consistenly from your gun and you cannot hit thr broad side of a barn. try a bunch out. speer gold dots, federals and so on. they are all good. see what works for you. some of them may be more managable for you than others. There are a lot of threads on this board and others about this question. read a bunch and try some at the range before settling on one. it is a very personal decision as to what you choose to possibly have to defend your life with.
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18# should feel the same as the factory for recoil. But it still holds the slide more firmly in battery, and won't come apart - good things. And springs are about as cheap as a box of ammo so it is not costly if you want to change.
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