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It came off without a hitch, but I was surprised that upon torqueing to 35 ft lbs and then going to the next hole to line up the gas tube slots I kept setting the torque wrench at ten more pounds to line up that next hole and it ended up at 85 ft lbs before I could get the tube in freely...is that a problem?!? Hope the frick not. There not much difference in 35 and 85 it seems.

Also, for the life of me, cannot figure out how to share my photos of the build...details are...

-Wilson Combat SS 16 inch barrel with 1/9 twist, Anderson lower and upper, LPK from Fatboy Tactical
-Mid-length free float hand-guard from Monstrum Tactical
-Magpul buttstock, flip up sights and pistol grip from Cabelas
-Troy low-profile gas block, flash hider and gas tube from Brownells
- Buffer tube, spring and buffer directly from Anderson as well as a
SS trigger
-Last, but certainly not least, the crowning glory, one of those nickel boron BCG's from Ares Armour...and it is SWEET!!!! Get one while they have them!!

When I figure out how to post photos I will do so. Please comment on the 85 ft lbs thing.
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