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Detailed Range Report for XD-Tactical w/Canyon Creek Trigger

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Sorry. I had to stop laughing out loud as Oldschool said I would. The trigger job is beautiful. I never keyholed so many shots in my life. Send your XD to Rich at Canyon Creek Today!!! You will never know the true joy of this weapon until you do.
Perhaps you were a great shot to start with, however did you see any improvement in your groups? I find that the difference is best felt when shooting with one hand, strong or weak. The reset is great, because it is barely there and it is easy to squeeze off 6 shots without even thinking about it.

I am glad you like it.
I'm not a great shot, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night and I have a Canyon Creek Trigger Job ;-)

I absolutely see an improvement in my groups and its much easier to rapidly put 3 center mass. I'm switching to the 16# spring tomorrow and see how that helps. Also added some Truegrips which feel much better than I thought they would. I was concerned they would be too rough on the hands but I like them so far. Last step will be the Barsto Magwell which has shipped as we speak and the Barsto Baseplates for my mags.
Does having trigger work by Canyon Creek or any other company affect the lifetime warranty from Springfield Armory?
I would imagine it absolutely voids your warranty but who cares. This trigger is fantastic and I have any trouble with it I'll send it back to Rich. Also outside of the whole frame going kaboom I don't think there is anything that can go wrong with this gun that the resources on this forum can't help me fix.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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