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Will Lieberman be shunned by his party?

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It amazes me how our media can turn such a wonderful thing as democracy and growth in a foreign country into a horrible catastropy. I was in Iraq from April 2003 to March 2004 and I saw a lot of progress then. I am really interested in how much more progress there is now.

All the media wants to cover though is another roadside bomb, another terrorist strike, or another assassination. What about the water facilities that are being built? The modern power generation plants that replaced the outdated and failing ones? What about the new schools? What about the new government that was freely elected?!!

While I was there my wife was constantly scared for me. She hardly slept or ate, ended up seeing a councilor, and cried all the time. When I got home on leave I found out why. The news had us dodging bullets on the way to the bathroom! I told her the truth about the situation and she calmed down. I also told her to stop watching the crap on the news.

Now that Leiberman has been there and filed this report I am sure that most Americans will believe it is a ploy of some sort. After all "I watch the news! I know whats going on over there! You can't fool me!" is what they're saying.

Americans! Wake up and pull yourself back into the real world where terrorists actually hate you just for existing and no other reason. Stop listening to the biased media and make a few decisions for yourself.
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