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Texas Tactical will be putting on a "Deja Vu" IDPA match this Saturday and Sunday 12/18/04 and 12/19/04 at the Hays County Range between Austin and San Antonio, Texas. If your Sundays are usually booked here is your chance to shoot on Saturday.

This will give you the opportunity to shoot on either or both days. The stages will be the same. If you shoot both days in the same division and using the same gun we will put you in the "Deja Vu" results and throw out your worst run on each stage. Or you can shoot another division and different gun and you will be scored as usual for both guns.

Throwing out your worst times can be a very
beneficial tool. It allows you to go all out on a
stage and not have to play it safe for
competition. Thus giving you a "no consequences" run. This can help in finding out exactly where your limits are and finding out what you
can or can't do by pushing the envelope. It can be a great confidence builder.

Hope you can make it Saturday or Sunday or better yet, Both days! :)

Location: Hays County Range
Sign Up: 0900hrs

For Maps and directions or other information on Texas Tactical check out our website:


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