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Took the new XD 40 to the range today and repeatedly rammed 150 rounds through her (Remington UMC 165gr MC). One word summary...SWEET!
This is the first .40 I've owned. Actually, it's the first .40 I've ever fired.
Felt recoil compared to my XD 9 was slightly greater, but marginal at best. What I didn't know was that my Don's guide rod/spring kit was in the mailbox at home while I'm at the range. That's okay, I'll have it next time. It sure cleans up the front end of the gun doesn't it? Gets rid of that snag-o-matic button thing a.k.a. two piece guide rod (which functions perfectly, but c'mon, make it flush with the gun).
My only complaint, if it is one, is that the gun shoots approximately 2" low whether free hand, or resting on the bench at 10 yards. You can shoot nice 3" groups 2" below point of aim, but If I raise the front sight approximately 1/16" then it's dead on. I'm not sure what's going on. My XD 9 is dead on at point of aim. The reason I say this is not really a complaint is because I seldom use the sights. I typically raise the gun from a ready position, aim then double or triple tap until the mag is empty. Sometimes I'll empty the mag as fast as possible. Doing this, the XD 40 shoots 4"-5" groups, which is acceptable to me.
I let the range smith look at after my session and we both compared it to my XD 9 which was in the bag. We couldn't see any differences. I'll make some checks tonight to see if there is any measurable difference.
Either way the gun was SWEET to shoot. Have I mentioned that yet? :D
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