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Damn, after all this time with no FTFs!

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Had 5 FTFs out a box of 50 Blazers. Never ever have I had an FTF problem with this gun past the 2 I had in the first mag I put through the thing. Whats goin' on!?
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seems to be the thing on the .40 cals. do a search for a remedy. im sure there are plenty of tips.
Sorry, but what's FTF? Googled it and saw got Face To Face.. I don't think that's what you're referring to...
Sorry, but what's FTF? Googled it and saw got Face To Face.. I don't think that's what you're referring to...
FTF = Failure to Feed

I'm no expert but there may be different types of them? but in essence its when the round does not get fed correctly i.e. the cartridge is stuck in the feedway.


Condition where – although the magazine is not empty – no cartridge is fed into the chamber as the slide moves forward on a semi-automatic.
Vtwin, you probably will also see FTE. That means failure to extract. Just FYI.
FTF can be Failure to Feed or Failure to Fire--need to be specific or make clear in context.

FTE can be Failure to Extract or Failure to Eject--same comment.
Were they regular Blazers or blazer brass? I have always seen bad things said about the regular ones, but the blazer brass worked for me. A buddy was leery on me using them, but they worked fine. He even said how dirty they shoot. They were no different than WWB. (Winchester white Box)
they are the ones found at walmart. I have shot about 500 rounds through my gun, an equal mis of teh winchester and blazer one can find at walmart, and a few Remmington hollows with no problems. On Friday i wil try a box of 100 winchesters to see what happens.
How old is your recoil spring? Case gauge the rest of the rounds to see if they are swollen. Just some thoughts.
The only FTF's I ever had with my XD40 were when I was shooting Blazer. Bought a box at a local range because it was $1 or 2 cheaper than WWB. I had a handful of FTF's, so I decided not to ever buy it again. Haven't had a problem since.
My XD-40 subcompact gobbles Blazer Brass and Aluminum w/o any problems. If I were you, I'd sell it and get another XD.
Sell it??? That doesnt make any sense. Polish the feep ramp, send it to SA, the possibilities are endless. On second thought- I say sell it. 5 bux sound good? Ill pay shipping!
that crack has been goign around here again, hasn't it?
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