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For Sale:
Customized Mauser K-98k, 6mm Remington, in original profile stock!

I am offering a completely custom K98k, converted to fire the light-kicking, fast, flat shooting 6mm Remington cartridge. This rifle was converted from an ugly duckling Russian-capture rifle to a customized, one-of-a-kind gem by the Bass Pro Shops gunsmith department.

The stock is an original German Army profile Boyd’s walnut stock, not some “Bubba’d” nightmare. Most parts were replaced with new parts from Numerich’s.

Here’s a breakdown of the modifications performed on the rifle:

1. New Douglas custom-made barrel with original German Army profile, chambered in 6mm Rem
a. Bore is perfectly clean and “mirror bright.”
2. Barrel stamped “6mm Rem”
3. New Boyd’s reproduction walnut stock, non-filled oil finish (Tung Oil)

4. Stock inletted and custom-bedded to action
5. New fasteners on stock
6. New reproduction German Army sling
7. All metal bead-blasted and blued

8. Front and rear sights fitted and soldered
9. Barrel free-floated
10. Leupold two-piece scope mount installed by gunsmith, receiver re-heat treated

11. Leupold high scope mounts
12. Nikon 3-12 x 42 SF M BDC scope – side focus, bullet drop comp
13. Bolt cut off, new one welded on at angle to clear eye-bell of scope

14. Mark 2 (Beuhler) type safety to clear scope bellhousing

15. Timmney trigger installed – if the pull is over 4 lbs, I’m a monkey’s uncle!
16. Action block installed in magazine for smooth operation of long-action rifle with short-action cartridges
17. Action quite smooth!
18. Rifle shoots .68 MOA with handloads
19. Rear iron sight included

20. There are two or three very light handling dings on the stock (see pictures)

The wood finish on the stock of this rifle has to be seen to be believed. It is hand-rubbed and every angle gives a new look at the beauty of the

I have fired about 700 rounds out of this rifle. It’s soft-kicking, beautiful, accurate, and fun-to-shoot with its nice Timmney trigger. The action is smooth, well-broken-in, and positive. The bore always cleans up with surprising ease, a testament to Douglas’ ability to make a nice aftermarket barrel. I have been loading 100 gr Hornady bullets on Varget and getting great results at the range. There’s more than enough room in the magazine to seat the bullets out until they hit the lands – building an accurate load for this rifle should be like child’s play for the accomplished handloader.

This is a beautiful, accurate, reliable custom rifle and a great deal of time, effort and forethought was put into its construction, and I have taken great joy in shooting it.

Price $2,250.LOWERED 6.07.11 $1,250. I will pay shipping and insurance to lower 48. Trades considered – but only for a .260 - .308 AR or an H&K USP Compact 9x19 two-tone.

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UPDATE: Super deep (and final) cut: $1,250 shipped, or trade for .308 AR or H&K USP Compact 9x19 two-tone.

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So THIS is the rifle you had in mind. VERY VERY NICE!;)

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