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Custom 911 trigger

Discussion in 'XD Gunsmithing and Maintenance' started by ToddinAz, May 21, 2020 at 2:20 PM.

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    Started on a new trigger earlier this week. Stock trigger shoe was too short and other than the Galloway Crusader, which I don't like the look of, there aren't any other options that I could find. I still need to do several things before it's finished, like radius/shape the face, mill in some detail, add an over-travel stop and coat it. With the increased length (.140" where my finger contacts) it feels so much better than the stock trigger. Took it to the range for a quick test, and only ran 4 mags through it, but so far the difference is night and day. Part of that is probably the further reduction in pull weight that I got by increasing the depth of the return spring pocket. Out of the box the pull was just under 8 pounds, and after taking some of the arc out of the sear spring I got it down around 4-3/4 to 5. Now with the new trigger it averages between 3-3/4 and 4 pounds. trigger.jpg trigger1.jpg trigger2.jpg trigger3.jpg trigger4.jpg
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