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Is it possible to purchase another slide for my XD service? I want to get night sights, don't want to do it myself (heard it's a bitch to do) but yet don't want to be without my trusty old XD for even one night!

If I could buy another slide, I'd send it out to get the sights put on and never be without my baby!

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No need for the purchase of an extra slide (which is
called parts by SA and they are not selling any at
this time).

Contact AJames. His turnaround on installing
new sights is just a matter of days. I know your
concern, it is the fact that you will be without
your machine for awhile, but James is quick.

His contact is in my sig below.


I am in no way affliliated with AJames. He is
a sponsor and also a dealer of firearms and
accessories, a member of this forum who bends
over backwards to help any and all who have
questions and a good guy to know.
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