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Captain Ray said:
LMBO! Well.. as I sit here, cleaning my guns, I'm thinking "nope... no boyfriends..."

What would she want a boyfriend for anyway?! I am a guy, and trust me, guy's are "icky!"

LOL...enjoy it while it lasts, Ray. In five more years (or less) she will be giving you all the orders, know 50 times more than you could ever know, and own every bathroom in your house. You may have to ask permission to take a leak outside. Hell in just two years, she'll be more mature than you. (just like everybody else :D )

Enjoy these years next few years (could only be months). You have very little time left of even fooling yourself into believing that you are in charge. The power shift is swift and brutal!!! Teenage girls don't even bother taking names. They just kick ass and move on!

1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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