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I recently shot a IPSC match using my XDm 9mm in the Limited Class, and I want to know how to convert that score to figure what I would have scored if I were in the Production class.

I'm going back and forth between the 19+1 capacity advantage but being scored at a disadvantage (5,3,3,1 vs 5,4,4,2) of the Limited Class versus 10+1, and more reloads of the Production. For the sake of argument I'm going to figure 1.5 seconds per reload and 2 additional reloads per stage.

I shot an 8 stage match so let's call that 24 additional seconds added to my time. There were 47 additional points I could have scored on B's and C's were I shooting major.

Can someone help me with the math? I have all my scores available and the scores of everyone else, I just don't know how to do it.

Here's a link to the scores, it's the first one the 2011 Limited and Production Championship, I'm shooter #26 on the overall results for Limited.

OKC Gun Club IPSC Scores

Thanks for any help!
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