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Got a cut-down EFK tactical 9mm barrel for my 4" XD-40, had some fitting problems (had posted pics previously) and decided to take it to a local smithy rather than pay the shipping back & forth to EFK (smithy had it done $40 later, inside of a week--prolly a wash either way). I was skeptical about ejection, because prior to the trip to the range I was cycling rounds in and out of the chamber and they weren't ejecting well at all. Went to the range today with 200 rds of WWB 9mm and all was surprisingly well. Had one FTE the whole time, while using DGR (new) and a 22lb spring (also new). No problems with the stock guide rod. Popped the .40 barrel in for a 100 rounds, tried both 22lb and 24lb (also new) springs. Both made significant improvement in the recoil, but I think I like the 24lb better. All in all I wasn't overjoyed with the 9mm ejection performance--several casings came straight up/back, and I took a few in the glasses (no limp wrists here). Oh well--that's what I get for an uber-cheap 9.

The top of the chamber of the conversion barrel still isn't flush with the top of the slide, but the smith explained that if he brought it up to flush the firing pin wouldn't hit the center of the primer. Right he was, and the primer hits were dead center after he was done with it.

9mm recoil with that heavy barrel was surprisingly light. If I had to do it all over again I'd probably pay a little extra and go with Bar-sto...

On a side note, found a new gun shop 1 town over with some freakin' good prices...XD9SC for $385. :shock: My wife's gonna hate this place. ;)
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