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Consulting the hive mind...(which has spoken...pics)

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So...against all my better judgement, I think I'm gonna pick up something new...I have that...itch. Figured I'd consult the hive mind, because having other people make my decisions is easier than having to make my own.


Here's my options:

Colt 6951 9mm carbine--I used to have a 9mm AR, traded it for something I didn't keep, kinda feel like I shoulda kept it...and 9mm carbines are just. F***ing. FUN. I'll likely do SBR paperwork on it and find an old 9mm Commando upper for it in the future.


Used M11A1 and a J-frame TBD (probably a 49/649)--my buddy has a gently used M11, which he picked up because he already had one, and this one had a pretty good price. I'll find the J-frame later--but I really want a humpback with a steel frame.


Glock 41 and a RIA 9mm. Held the G41, and...Gaston's Grace fell upon me; this is the Glock that will bring me back into the fold (except, I'll probably never carry it; it'll be a dedicated house gun). The RIA is a Tactical, and would make a perfect host for my .22 conversion when it's not a 9mm.

-or (the dark horse)-

A long barreled (8-3/8") M686-? (pre lock) and something else TBD--either a J-frame or RIA 9mm, most likely. Why? Because.

So, hive mind, have at it. The prices on these all come out pretty much the same, give or take $100.

And buying them all is simply not an option right now.
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I'd vote the 8 3/8' 686! a plus model if available preferably :)
Glock 41 and RIA 1911 is my vote
I really want a G41.

You could get one of the .22tcm /9mm Rock combos too!
No surprise, I'd go for the long barrel wheelie. I suspect there's a 9 Rock in my future as well.
Gah, I can see why you're going back and forth on that list. If I had those choices, I'd probably go for the 9mm carbine or the G41/9mm RIA combo. I'm all about having fun, since I have all the "serious" guns I want right now. Well, except a long range bolt action... :D

The 686 sounds like fun, too.
I am no Glock fan, so that one is out for me. I am not super crazy about the M11A1. So for me, it is an easy win for the 9mm carbine. As you said, the fun factor is pretty high on those.
9mm carbine
G41 frame the same size as the 21?

You could get a Mech tech CCU and have a Glock mag accepting .45 carbine for fun when it's not in HD pistol mode
I really want a G41.

You could get one of the .22tcm /9mm Rock combos too!
Already have one of those.;-)
Oh yeah....

So G41 and a mech tech it is!

Ive been eyeing bare G20 frames on gunbroker and thinking about how fun it'd be to have a 10mm carbine.

I need to get reloading gear first though but temptations man!
Really tough. Colt carbine or G41/RIA 1911 combo. Flip a coin. I don't know. Jeez this is hard.
9mm Carbine...Was looking at a Ruger camp 9 just the other day....but you know I'm partial to wheel guns also.....lol
Really tough. Colt carbine or G41/RIA 1911 combo. Flip a coin. I don't know. Jeez this is hard.
First world problems...:wink:
First world problems...:wink:
The carbine description is the ONLY one that had the word "FUN" in it, a subconscious vote I suspect.
So, if you DON'T want to have a subconscious argument with yourself and become a mass murderer, you owe it to society to get the Carb.


Looks kinda fun. They're cheap too. Under 400 and seems to get pretty damn good reviews.

Yeah, I need one in 10mm. Or 9.
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I vote for the Colt or the 686. I'd probably give the edge to the Smith, as I like long barreled revolvers. I'd also probably blow through way too much 9mm with the Colt.
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