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Complete Springfield XD DVD "range report"

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Short version: it's pretty good!

Long version: altho' I have no problem with printed manuals it's nicer to actually see something being done instead of just reading and seeing pictures. Watching the installation of the magazine release button, block & spring was worth the whole price to me.

It is exactly what it's title says: Disassembly & Reassembly. The disassembly is total with the exception of the extractor and sights. There are no tips on modifying or "hotrodding" the gun. There are a few rough spots, but hey, it's "live" TV!. In particular I noted that he had the spring installed incorrectly on the mag release when he was explaining how to install it but did get it right when he actually did the installation.

All 'round a good DVD. Well worth the money I think. Glad I bought it.
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But they are listing as backordered. Got mine off eBay :cry:
Cheaper Than Dirt has then, $20 + Shipping.
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