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A local gun club holds an IDPA "style" event each month, somtimes it is an Action Pistol (like today), others it is a 3-gun event. I have never participated in any organized shooting before, so my nerves were unsettled. I had tried to prep by watching all the IDPA and USPSA YOUTUBE videos, getting a sense of the event.

I had a great time during the 3 hour event, although it seems like I only really shot for about 5 minutes during that period. I learned a lot, met some nice people and did ok! I figured that it didn't matter where I scored, as long as I didn't end up on YOUTUBE with a Negligent Discharge. :D

The event today was 3 ranges: Steel Plate pistol event (timed and shot in a specific order), Paper Target (3 targets, 2 shots per target at various ranges and count-down timers), and an obstical window that you had to shoot through colored windows at colored targets (about 22 of them). Being only one of two new people who has never shot at this event (out of 52 guns that attended), I could get the sense I was being watched even closer. Every station I announced I was a new shooter, per the suggested safety briefing.

On my first attempt on the first range of the day, while on my very first shot, I had a malfunction. It was a FTF; not sure if it was a light primer strike, dud, or what. I was already nervous, went through all the motions, buzzer goes off, draw - point and - CLICK.

Now this is interesting for me, for I found out about this gun event through a renewed CCH course I took; whereas the CCH instructor was also one of the Range Masters for the day. In that CCH course, we specifically covered general firearm safety and there was a section (by KS law) about "Hangfires". So, yeah... Nothing like just being told to wait 30 seconds in the event of a hangfire before ejecting the round during a TIMED course.

Being new, I announced a FTF, counted to 20 (I am sure it was a fast count, under pressure) and then ejected the shell and completed the course in about ~11 seconds (knocking down 10 targets). My net time at the end of the run was 29.49 +1 penalty for shooting the hostage (final target was behind the a paper hostage target). It seems like most people completed the range in about 16-20 seconds. It was a good ice-breaker, for people said I shot pretty darn fast and recovered well.

The other two ranges went well, and I finished very strong on the last "window" event. There were 20-22 steel targets that were painted in a specific color, to which you had to shoot out of a slotted window of the same color. The targets were stacked, so you had to shoot them in different orders to see the different color oned behind it (forcing you to move between windows). On the final target, they had a donut and a seperate red bullseye plate inside (where you would get -1 if you hit the donut). I was able to shoot through that course in 56 seconds, hitting the bullseye and not receivng a penalty from the donut. I believe this event was the reason I did decent overall, for many people were in the 90-120 second range with 1-3 penalties.

At the end of the day, I came in 18 out of of 52. I will get the official numbers in a couple days. I am hooked!

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All you did was add 20 seconds to your time. Most gun competitions expect you to do a gun clearing action and get back in action. If it doesn't go bang, tap and rack. Different action if it was clearly just a primer fire. The SO isn't supposed to give advice but most will help get your mind right.
We had one yesterday where the gun failed due to parts breakage. It took combined efforts of 4 people to get the gun cleared and safely stowed.
Keep coming back, it is addicting.
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