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Cleaning My New XD

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Just wanting any tips yall can give me.

Ive been cleaning my gun with GUN SCRUBBER SYN.

Using Shooters Choice Bore cleaner and Lube

How much oil is to much, I know to oil wear metal meets metal but any recomendations would be great.

I have 14 long guns

XD is my first handgun

Rather shoot and XD over a BLOCK anyday hahah :twisted:
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Check in over at Blue Wonder, wonderful products that do a great job. I use grease for the slide rails and just a good oil on the BBL, FP-10, Militec, etc.. and use armadillo on the slide and all my other guns. Good luck. Too much oil is when it is dripping, you just need a good coat and wipe off excess.
REC613 said:
Ive been cleaning my gun with GUN SCRUBBER SYN.
brake cleaner is the same thing and is about $.50 a can... thats what i use.
I got the Blue Wonder kit from Pistol-Gear. Seems to work well although I've only used it once so far on my new XD-9 Tactical.


And here's some tips found on Pistol-Gear for using the Blue Wonder products.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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