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I'd been unable to get my ProChrono chronograph to work at an indoor range, which during this time of year makes it useless (it's below temperate conditions outside is all I'll say).

I'd called the company about a minor issue with the Chronograph, and on a whim asked the tech about using it indoors. He suggested putting tagboard or some similar smooth white covering on the ceiling of the range, and shining lights up at it, while removing the curved diffusers.

I'd tried that before, though not with the tagboard. The ceiling is corrugated metal, painted white, but not smooth. That attempt failed.

But it caused another idea. I had a piece of rigid posterboard about 2x3 feet in size. I put that on top of the wire guides that hold the diffusers, clamped a couple of clamplights w/ 100 watt bulbs on the legs of the tripod holding the chronograph, shining up a the posterboard, and tried it out.

Success! Even with some fluorescent lights on--which are supposed to screw up the chronograph since they flicker--it worked, as per usual.

Here's a pic that shows how it was set up. The best part is I didn't have to spend the $37 for the indoor lighting kit; I had all the necessary stuff already.

I had made up a bunch of different loads w/ some of Precision's black bullets, as well as some plated Rainier bullets, and wanted to try them out. One finding was that the lightest load in the Precisions sometimes wouldn't cycle my .45, which was good to know. I may report on that in another thread.
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