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Choosing between two models

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Heya -

I'm about to pick up an XD, and am torn between the 9mm V-10 ported model in 4", and the 5" tactical model - anyone got any recommendations between them?

This is basically going to be a range gun, just for shooting day, and I'm somewhat of an accuracy hound, which is why the V-10 is on my short list.

Thanks in advance -

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[TASF]Overkill has a ported model, ask him.
Don't get the ported. That's my advice. Unless you also plan on buying a conversion barrel.

Granted, I love mine, but...

After ~300 rounds at the range without cleaning, you'll start getting failures with WWB. All the crud will get blasted all over the internals... the rails will start grinding, the spring will start grinding... Cleaning takes quite a bit longer, as you have to clean all of the internals. It's a LOT louder, which is fine for drawing attention at the range, except if you ever have an ND or use it for self-defense. You can not fire it from retention. If you pull it out of the holster and try to fire it from the hip, you're going to at least ruin whatever shirt you're wearing. My ear just started ringing again. Stupid ND.

If you have the money to throw a .40 unported barrel in there, then go ahead and get the ported XD and the barrel. That's what I plan on doing when I can afford it. The ported is fun for rapid fire, because it REALLY makes a difference in muzzle flip... but for just about every other kind of shooting, it's just an inconvenience. Also, if you're introducing someone to shooting, the ported scares the **** out of them. People don't like feeling a gun shot's concussion in their sinus cavities.
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Very good point - which brings me to another question - are the barrels then interchangeable, for instance if I pick up a 9mm model can I then purchase a .40 barrel and swap them freely?

Never mind, just answered my own question with a little research ).

I have a ported XD-9. I like the ported barrel since it helps with muzzle flip. My only complaint right now it the fact that the front sight on mine becomes extremely dirty around 50 rounds through it.

How much would a non-ported replacement barrel cost for the XD-9 4" service model? If its not extremely expensive, I will go buy one and keep the ported for looks.
basically going to be a range gun, just for shooting day, and I'm somewhat of an accuracy hound
Since I have both of the ones you are considering, I would suggest the tactical. Should be just right for what you are going to do with it. The ported V-10 is nice but as TASF Overkill has already mentioned it does have some drawbacks. The V-10 has some unique features and it is visually interesting, but for a all around range model the Tac is the way to go.
A few days ago I was considering selling my V-10 away, but I think I will keep it. Might be one of those things in your collection that you may regret dumping. :?
I have the XD40 V10 and I love it. Granted it does get dirty on the front sight quicker. I clean all my guns after each shooting so mine doesn't get the chance to have the problems overkill has. CLEAN it after each shooting and you should have no problems. As for accuracy, I can shoot my sub just as good as my service. So the tac. shouldn't be that much different. Just practice!!!
I clean mine every time I go shooting. But sometimes, more than one box of ammo will get put through.

It's embarassing to have to stop shooting at 250 rounds just because you have a ported.
Porting is ONLY recommended if you intend on doing quite a bit of rapid fire shooting.The whole reason for porting is to get that muzzle down more quickly for the next round to be fired.Remember that there are several drawbacks to porting including,extreme muzzle flash in lowlight and (to a lesser extent) loss of pressure. Also porting in many cases can indeed cause accuracy problems due to burrs in the holes, pressure drops just prior to the barrels crown, etc.
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