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CCW Questions for XD Service .40

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I just got a new XD .40 Service model to use as my CCW gun. I am new to pistols and to CCW, so any help would be appreciated. I think I would like to carry in the small of my back IWB style. I am typically very casually dressed in the summer time. I will need to tuck my shirt in on occasion, but not everyday. Please help me find the right setup.

Thanks Alot,

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Always get training. I am not sure what kind of training you can get where you are but you should have some type of formal training when you are going to carry concealed. I have had a small training class here in Alaska because it is required by law in order to get the CCW. That simple training made me want to get more. and now I am going to attend a level one course here next month. It was in this course that I learned the nicest gear is not always the best for you. If you have a local cop supply or a gun store with lots of different holsters, then go in and try them on. If they are a good store then you should be able to take you gun in unloaded and try it in variety of holsters. I myself am getting the hume holster from www.pistol-gear.com because it is cheap and available. I have a custom holster on order through http://www.haugenhandgunleather.com/ I chose the Equalizer II. I am also getting a UCH from Bladetech and an OWB from Bladetech as well.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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