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CCW Questions for XD Service .40

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I just got a new XD .40 Service model to use as my CCW gun. I am new to pistols and to CCW, so any help would be appreciated. I think I would like to carry in the small of my back IWB style. I am typically very casually dressed in the summer time. I will need to tuck my shirt in on occasion, but not everyday. Please help me find the right setup.

Thanks Alot,

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I have the Hume 715 from pistol gear. Pretty good, inexpensive IWB leather holster to get started with. The Hume JIT OWB slide holster is also a good inexpensive alternative. they both will work with the SC and the service. Most people carry strongside right behind the hip (3-4 o'clock if your right handed). Other carry options are SOB as you mentioned, cross-draw in front, off the shoulder, etc. Then you have ankle rigs, fanny packs and off body carry like a day planner. I'm sure I missed some, but this will get you thinking. Then you have the decision of leather or kydex or nylon.

With so many choices and variables (do you sit or drive all day? Is more concealment more important than comfort? what is your budget?) I decided to try some good inexpensive methods to see if I like the mode of carry before I invest in a more expensive model (Milt Sparks, or Answer Tucker). I would suggest having one good OWB and one good IWB as I have had to use both depending on what I have to wear.
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