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I was looking for a optical mount for my XD, but it looks like none are currently available. So I e-mailed Bobby Carver yesterday to see if they had one available... Here is what I got back... Looks like they will very soon!!!

Thanks for your interest. We are currently working on a mount for the XD. It's expected to be released within the next 60 days. Please check out our website for updated information.

Bobby Carver
B&B Enterprise
"Home of the CARVER Mount"
12143 Corner Oaks Drive
Jacksonville, Florida 32223
Voice: 806-632-3703
FAX #: 904-260-9024
Email: carvermou[email protected]
URL: www.bb-enterprise.biz

These are somewhat pricey, but look to be very high quality mounts and require little to no gunsmithing.

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c22m22c said:
if you can't wait...and need a mount now you can check this out...


it shows how i used a mount for a glock and modified it sligthly.

good luck. :)

that looks slick. How much for the mount? That is what I am looking for for possibly shooting out at camp perry this year, and just in general.

I now have new toy's to be looking for. :wink:
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