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Care tips for leather holster

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I just received my leather FIST #7 and a FIST belt that I purchased from Gunners Alley. They both look great and I'd like to keep them that way. Since this is the first nice holster I've ever purchased, i was wondering if you folks could offer some guidance to this newbie. Any information on proper break-in and care would be greatly appreciated.

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First, make sure your gun is UNLOADED, and second make sure it is UNLOADED. ok that should be clear now. the holster will be a little tight. if you cant get you gun in the holster release tension on the screw to get it in then tighten it a bit again. then draw it out while holding it in your hand and put it back in the holster. repeat many many times and it will be perfect. i have a FIST #41 and it took a little while to work in. They recommend spraying a little silicone on the inside of the holster to help loosen the leather a little. I did, BUT i cleaned my XD right after working the leather in. Just give it time and you wont be dissappointed. As for care for the leather, i just use a LITTLE bit of leather conditionaer on the outside of the holster, not the inside. I wouldnt use too much because i'd guess it might loosen the leather too much. Besides, its a FIST and should need very little maintenance. Have fun shooting.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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