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Center Axis Relock (CAR) - Paul Castle - Law Enforcement and Military Training

I've got some questions about using CAR. From what I've been able to gather from their site, google, youtube etc I thought I'd give this a try. I've been practicing aiming in the low and high positions and found that I do like having the hand block out the right eye (I'm left eye dominant but right handed) and am able to sight much quicker with both eyes open using his stance.

So today at lunch I stopped out at the range to try it with some live ammunition. To veer off topic a little, I found that in the high position, the angle I'm holding the pistol ejects the ammunition straight up in the air. So the spent brass was raining down on my head and arms. I even had one end up in my shirt pocket.

Anyway, I'm asking if anyone else has tried the CAR and what their results are.

Aside from the brass, in the high position I found I was able to bring my sights on target quicker, recover the target quicker because there seemed to be less recoil. And while my shots weren't dead center on the target, the grouping was much more consistent in the same location (I saved the targets but didn't want to take crappy phone photo's).

I didn't try much in the lower position, I still haven't worked out the muscle memory to be able to aim reliably yet.
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