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Can't find the attachment option, wanted to show my new .45, like you guys haven't seen one before,,,,,, can't figure out how to do it. od green with a non-black, slide, I love it..

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You have to load it somewhere on the internet like photobucket or ( my fave ) Imageshack. They will host your pic and show you links to post here so we can see it.

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  1. Log in to XDTalk
  2. Click User CP from the left of top navigation bar
  3. Click Networking > Pictures & Albums from the left navigation bar
  4. Click Add Album
  5. Give your new album a title, set album type to Public, click Submit
  6. Select album if required
  7. Click Upload Pictures
  8. Click Browse...
  9. From File Upload dialog box, find and select photo to upload
  10. Click Open on File Upload dialog box
  11. Click Upload Pictures
  12. Giver your picture captions and click Save Changes
  13. Click on newly uploaded picture
  14. Click on link just below Picture URL and copy to clipboard (Ctrl+C)
  15. You may close this page
  16. Start new post or reply
  17. Click on Insert Image button from editor tool bar
  18. In dialog box clear text box and past picture link (Ctrl+V)
  19. Click OK
For more info see the forum help at the following address:
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