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Cant figure out how to re-assemble

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Im on step -1... LoL

I cant figure out how/where the magazine release spring is supposed to rest on the catch/frame.

I know I have the right spring, but cant figure out the relation to the frame/catch

I have looked at the CAD drawing, and James's guide, but Still cant figure it out!!! Gah!

Someone Please Help!
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Yea, I have no clew on how to go about re-installing this piece.

Very Frustrating.
Thanks for the link to that thread, I would have never found it otherwise!!!
The Sub-Compact is a little different to assemble that "normal"

I finally got her back together again. The safetys work, Ive cycled snap caps and they fed just fine, now its time to take her to the range just to be sure.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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