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Hey all, first post here and hoping to join the XD club soon :D

Followed the link from the springfield armory site which took me to www.galleryofguns.com . Put in my zip code for the 4inch bi-tone .40.

IT came back with the highest price being 404. This just doesnt seem right? This includes sales tax and the FFL fee.

This is what i got:

GuaranteeD YES-Lifetime Replacement Warranty Sale Price $484.95
Location Davidsons Inventory
Addt'l Fees $29.95
Dealer Notes Tax $25.24
Sub Total $540.14
(Less Deposit) ($135.50) (i guess they take a deposit for 1/4 the MSRP price of the gun)

Balance $404.64

Curious if anyone has used this site to order before. Just seems to good to be true... What am i missing? :?:

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the price of the handgun is $540.

Davidsons charges a depsoit for the handgun, and I believe you pay the balance upon receipt, which is $404.
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