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Keep my C&R or Dump it.

  • Keep it.

  • Dump it.

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You're unemployed, and you've indicated that $30 can make a difference elsewhere. You also indicated that you're generally not using C&R license. Letting it lapse and going through the process again when you're in a more stable place is likely the more responsible way to go. Whether or not you can make money on the license is speculative on you having the extra money to spend in the first place.

Having the option of buying C&R weapons and getting them shipped to your house is great. It makes for an enjoyable hobby. Having food on the table is necessary. You and your wife can't eat a C&R license, the electric company won't accept a C&R license to pay the bill, and the car won't run on antique rifles...

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1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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