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Hi all, I have been given an Aimtech mount with a Burris Fastfire III attached. I would like like to slide mount the FFIII using the Burris dovetail mount on my .45acp bowling pin gun. Those of you that have experience with this setup, please share your thoughts. I am mainly interested in if it will hold zero. The aimtech is great but adds a lot of mass to the pistol. The slide mount just looks cooler to me as well. I really don't need to know what is better or the pro's and con's of red dot. I would just like to know

1) How it held up mounted on the slide?
2) Did it hold zero?
3) How long have you used it?

I have done my diligence and googled, searched forums and have not come up with what I am looking for. I trust the pistoleros in this forum more than any other and would truly like some sincere input.

Thanks in advance for info and reading this far.

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