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Hi all,

I recently upgraded my competition gear from the "free gift with purchase" stuff that came with my XDm. I went with Double Alpha as I thought they had a better set up for mag holders. Along with that I ordered the PDR production holster. They only offered one model for Springfield XD series which should have been my first clue.

Out of the package, I could not get the gun to seat. After a couple of days of doing the gun in plastic bag trick, I've at least got the gun to go all the way in but it still does not draw smoothly after a week of practice draws. The next step seems to be applying oil or leather slick to the inside that is lined with suede. I'm hesitant to do that as I'm pretty sure that will prohibit returning it, which I'm contemplating.

Yes, I've backed the adjustment screw all the way out. In further research, it seems that DAA has come out with a new "speed" model without the suede due to similar complaints. Any one have experience with these?
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