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I'm preferably looking for an all kydex holster for AIWB carry. I think I've settled on Bravo D.O.S or the INCOG mainly because of where the clips sit with these holster making them some what slimmer, compared to others where the clip(s) are on top of the holster. I'm a skinny guy so every fraction of an inch counts for me unfortunately.

Was wondering if anyone has an any experience with an XDs in a Bravo D.O.S.? Ive heard and read some opinions on INCOG.

I would consider a hybrid like an infidel ultra or harwell but, the leather at 1/4in vs the .06-.08 kydex is hard to get past but I would certainly welcome any recommendations all kydex or hybrid for appendix carry.

Thank in advance for your humble opinions ;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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