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Some say it is okay to shoot anything up to .32 H&R Mag. in the original cylinder. I got mine with the aftermarket .32ACP cylinder, does anybody know if I "CAN" shoot .32 S&W Short, Long, and H&R in it reliably? Any feedback appreciated. Thanks, PonchoMike

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32 longs, keep an eye on lead fouling in the chamber. I shoot them all, but on mine, I wrap some scotch tape around the cases so they aren't so hard to get out- 32SWL and 32H&R cases will bulge because the chamber is a tad larger than the case. And remember, the 7.62x38R uses a .295 calibre bullet if you plan on hand loading. Look closely at that 32 ACP cylinder, sometimes a 'smith has to fit it to the gun. if you decide to forgo the 32ACP-i'll buy the cylinder from you....have fun...

Oh yes. Reloading during WW2.
In order to reload the Nagant revolver you have to:
1. Flip open the loading gate on the right side of the frame.
2. Unscrew the rod underneath the barrel till it comes loose, pull it forward, and then rotate the housing in front of the cylinder so that the rod lines up with the chamber next to the loading gate.
3. Use the rod to punch out the empty cartridge case.
4. Rotate the cylinder by hand to bring the next chamber in line and use the ejector rod again.
5. Repeat until all chambers are empty.
6. Swing the ejection rod back into position under the barrel, push the rod to the rear and screw it snugly into place.
7. Push seven fresh cartridges into the chambers, one by one, via the loading gate.
8. Close the loading gate.
9. Look up at the German infantry squad who have been watching you doing this.
10. Stick your head between your legs and kiss your ass dosvidanya.
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