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You may recall (if you have a mind like a steel trap) my posting about my new AR's problem of the bolt not locking back on an empty magazine.

Several suggestions were made, including it just needs to be broken in (shoot more--I can handle that!), to make sure it's lubed up correctly (this helped), and even that the followers were at fault (this from a local LEO who looked at it).

I ordered some Gen III Magpul followers and put them in the metal magazines I had which were not allowing the bolt to lock back (I have a magpul which *did* work correctly). Guess what? It's now locking back on all the magazines. The followers did the trick. The other suggestions were good too, and I've kept it lubed up.

I had it out shooting today and was very happy with the accuracy. I was trying out various handloads, shooting w/ the chronometer for velocity information, and it all did very well. At one point I had a 5-shot group at 15 yards that could be covered by a nickel, this with my holding the rifle in both hands with elbows on a table, and using iron sights only.

I never did post any pics of my rifle, so let me remedy that right now:

Thanks to all who have helped and offered advice; amazing resource, this XDTalk place. :)
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