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Hey everyone,

Like to to wish every one a Happy Thanksgiving and if your like me a happy Hunting Weekend!

I would like to thank BlueGrass Holsters for their great customer service, I ordered a while back a Ghost IWB holster for my Kimber 1911 which should be coming in soon... yes I know its for a 1911 but either way you can always tell a good holster by the worksmanship put into the holster. I will be doing a Formal Review of the holster as soon as it comes in, and at the same if I like the Holster i'm going to order one for my XD and put away my SuperTuck.

Here are the otions I ordered:

1.5 inch Belt loops
Horse Hide
Shark Skin Trim
The Colors I picked are a Surprise, wait for the Review ;-)

- TackDriver581S
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