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Any one know if they make a lock retension holster for our xd's they have the leather one with the little plastic lock that you push and it releases the weapon i really like that but i was at the Sportsmans Warehouse in Reno tonight and they didnt want to sell me anything i was going to drop probably 150$ on two holsters and mag holders ect but the counter people where to busy bullshiting about how wonderful they were and i got tired of standing at the counter for help while 4 of them stood around telling lies then had to deal with some kid that was clueless I would think there would be a model specefic that would be for our xd's but after going through nearly all the mixed up crap on the rack i said screw it ....
guess im pissed that i got spoiled by some OG that was working in there last time and spent about 45 mins with me and my partner going over every possable holster combination for what we where looking for and ya know what we bought the hell out of stuff.. but not this time guess i'll just wait for the gun show next week... sorry for the rant fellas but i know ya understand sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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