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Bi-tone rust question...slightly different question.

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I have some discolorization on my bi-tone's slide that doesn't look like rust, but looks kinda odd. Its mostly in the recesses that aid in gripping the slide to cycle it by hand. The thing is, its not rust colored, and wont rub off. Its more like the slide color but slightly darker. As far as maintenece goes on this gun, I wipe it down with oil at the least, twice a week. Any ideas?
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Ranger, can you post a larger picture of the area? It's hard to see the serrations on your avatar.

sure, when I get home from work, I'll see if I can capture it with teh digi-cam. Its too early right now though (0540) BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
you can barely see what I am talking about in these pics. If there is any question as to what I am trying to show you, let me know! Thanks!

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yeah, I know, its hard to see what I am talking about. Damnit
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