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I think Ghost Scout has you covered. Good luck on troubleshooting the Beretta. Its very odd that one does this - I have found the 92FS to be a very reliable 9mm. My guess is the lazy recoil spring or worn extractor.

It is also very hard to limp-wrist the 92FS, because of its open slide and straight cycling action. I have held my 96F very loose....trying to make it jam and I had to stop, because I was holding it so loose, I was worried about it coming out of my hand!

The aftermarket military contract Check Mate mags had the magazine bodies parkerized inside and out. This made the followers stick, when they got fouled with sand or grit. The original Beretta factory mags were parked only on the outside and the insides of the mag body were polished and never had this problem.

Check Mate was made aware of this problem and the newer Check Mate mags had (surprise) polished and smooth inner mag bodies. Still...everyone avoided ALL Check Mate mags because of the Army's problems and it is probably wise to stick to Beretta factory mags or Mec Gar mags.

Mec Gar is actually the OEM mag maker for SIG and their mags are probably the ONLY aftermarket Beretta mags to have if you cannot find factory mags. I have never run into troubles with my Mec Gar mags in the 96F, although most of my mags for that pistol are Beretta factory ones.

- brickboy240
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