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Have two of the newest Benchmade balisongs, I love them, but have quite a few, these two happen to be sitting around at the moment. Both are best offer deals, I'm open within reason.

Info-- 32 Mini-Morpho® Bali-Song® | Benchmade
Benchmade 32, like new condition.
Comes with everything that was originally included- box with foam insert, infocard, pouch.
Paid $199.79
Best Offer

Info-- 51 Morpho® Bali-Song® | Benchmade
Benchmade 51, Good condition. I have used this one quite a bit, the blade has been sharpen, the profile of the blade wasn't changed, but there is a handful of scratches on the blade(look worse in photo). Also the clip, has had a few run ins with a wall resulting in a scratch or two. Outside the scratches, the knife is
Comes with everything that was originally included - box with foam insert, infocard, pouch
Paid $237.60
Best Offer

I've light strength loctite all the screws, and set hinge tightness to what is widely considered ideal for these type of balisong-giving the handles are lighter then conventional. Light enough to swing loosely, but tight enough to control-if that makes sense.

Any Questions just ask.
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