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Beamshot 1000s - not bad for the money at all!

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For around fifty bucks or so (check Ebay), the Beamshot 1000s is not a bad little laser.. A pain in the neck to manually bore sight but once you get it set, its holds its point of impact well. I just fired 100 rounds of .40 SW Winchester White Box and no re-adjustment for windage or elevation was required from start to finish. I do recommend the TDI mount and Loctite for the tension screw. I'm satisfied.

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Yeah the beamshots sound like a good deal. I'm looking for a nice, relatively cheap laser to make dry fire practice a little more fun. The Beamshot website shows the sights coming with pushbutton switches, but not the mount. A pushbutton switch is critical for my application imo. Was that the case for you? Also, which mount did you use and what provisions were there for windage and elevation adjustments, if any?

From looking at reviews, it seems like the cheaper lasers sometimes have limited functionality that isn't apparent from the often vague descriptions on online stores. I'd like to avoid any misconceptions.
Wow this is an old thread!
Haha yeah...maybe I should have let it die.
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