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Hi guys and gals,

I made a quick trip to the range a little earlier this week before the snow got here. Shoveling the driveway cuts into my range time. ;) I was happy to get lane #10 because that's my favorite lane. :ROFLMAO:

I brought a small selection of ammo. I've made it a mission to use up all my WWB in practice because it's been giving me a few issues lately.

I brought out only my XD9, Garrison, and Heritage .22.

I started off easy with my little .22 cowboy gun. I tried to hit head shots on the 4" reactive circle with a few cylinders. This single action revolver has such a hair trigger that when I'm not paying attention it will send one when I'm not quite aligned. But it shoots well when I do everything right. I shot from 10 yards for the whole session.

Then I pasted on an 8" reactive circle and went through a few magazines with the .45. True to form, I started a little low/left but gradually brought it up enough to make a couple of ragged holes nearing the bullseye.

It's not as low/left as it used to be. Perhaps I'm beginning to get over my flinch and use better trigger finger. One can hope. :ROFLMAO:

Then it was time for a new target. I put another 8" reactive bullseye in the upper thoracic area and put 50 rounds into it with my XD9. Drat, I let a few get low just off the target. They still would've done some damage in an emergency situation. ;)

Then I cooled off with a couple more cylinders out of the Heritage. I think I'm going to paint a white dot on the top of the front sight so I can see it better. Maybe that will help.

And this is my collection of FTEs with the WWB. That's right, I had three failure to ejects out of fifty rounds today.

I also had one dud. I stuck that cartridge back in the magazine and it shot fine the second time. This WWB is some of the oldest ammo I have in my stash but, at most, I bought it two and a half years ago. It's a good thing I just practice with it. I'll use something different when I go to class. That way this WWB won't embarrass me in front of everyone. :ROFLMAO:

Once again, thanks for putting up with me. I felt like this was a fruitful session and I'm starting to get my groove back. Next week will be even better! :D

Thank you for your indulgence,

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